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The Evolve Series

Available Artworks 
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Somewhere (over the rainbow)

Piece Statement

"It’s difficult to explain in words the joy of watching the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta’s mass ascension. Talk about getting UP in the morning. Just watching one take off is an overwhelming, sensational phenomenon. The baffling juxtaposition of enormity and “weightlessness”. The energizing, giant bulb of color that slowly forms from flat to plump and upright. The secondhand excitement from watching people in tiny baskets being gently lifted into the sky. And finally, the sublime transcendence and freedom of watching it simply float, up, up, and away with the wind, airborne and destined for wherever the muses may take it. Now, multiply all that by 100s over the course of an hour, and try not to have your cheeks aching from smiling. And by the way, it works for kids aged 1 to 100."


'Somewhere' was inspired by the joy aesthetic of surprise, which was abundant as you watched the balloons come to life. Look for the hidden rainbow within the piece itself!

40x30in Oil and 3D mixed media on Panel
October 2022

Tape Collage 5

48x36in Recycled tape on recycled frame
November 2022

Piece Statement

"Several artist friends of mine recently made me aware of how special, unique, and worthy of repurposing my tape is. Ever since, I’ve been preserving the tape I peel off of pieces and using them to wrap around found frames to create brand new surfaces. I am stunned at the diary-like objectivity they have, as they provide mementos of past works and, altogether, serve as time stamps of my creative process. 


This 5th piece of its kind contains tape from the first large body of work made in my new studio between September and November of 2022."

Cactus Patch

30x40in Oil on Panel
October 2022

Piece Statement

"I’m still trying to figure out why I’m so obsessed with cacti. It might have something to do with the extra sense of refreshment and vitality they symbolize, being so green in typically arid environments. Or it could be the way they paint the perfect picture of emotion, being both prickly and pretty at the same time. Or it could be the adorably amorphous, unique shapes they form, which seem delightfully improbable and thus perpetually magical to come across. "