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Katie Southworth Art in the Press

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"A Cause For Color"

An in-depth feature article and video on my art career in Colby Magazine. Published in print/digital July 2021.

"Vogue's Gallery"

My work is featured in British Vogue's "Vogues Gallery" in their July, August, and September 2021 print issues.


"Vanity Fair Finds"

My work is featured in Vanity Fair UK's "Vanity Fair Finds" in their June 2021.


"The Art Edit"

My work is featured in House & Garden UK's "Art Edit" in their June, July, and August 2021 Print and Digital Issues.


"Artistic Impressions"

My work is featured in The World of Interiors's June 2021 Print Issue in their "Artistic Impressions" section. 


"Senior Artist Feature"

I was featured in the Colby Echo my senior year of college for the February 2016 Issue Senior Artist Feature. 


"Gallery Lights Feature"

The Opening Night of my first Solo Show "Colorjoy" was featured in Art World News's November Digital Issue. 

Sunkiss (1-8)    SOLD

6x6in (x8)

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