Limited Edition Print  - unframed

8"x10" print with 1" border (10"x12" overall)

Archival paper and Ink (will not fade)

Features high resolution reproduction of original grafitti painting "Joy Spreader" created March 31st 2021


This is a limited edition print of my very first grafitti artwork on March 31st 2021 in Grafitti Alley, Cambridge Massachusetts .


Upon arrival, I noticed a giant curse word on the wall. I chose that exact spot to cover with the most joyful composition of calming color I had at my disposal. My favorite memory of the day is a young boy (7-10 years old) boy walking by with his mother. When he saw my piece he shouted "that looks really good!" I couldn't help but think how different his expereince of that wall would have been had the curse word still been there. Hence, the title of the piece "Joy Spreader". This piece marks the beginning of much more artworks on walls, canvas, and other media with the intention of spreading joy through color. 

Joy Spreader - Limited Edition Print


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