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This fan-favorite piece is available as a limited edition, signed print! I am only printing 10 in size 24"x18" and 10 in size 9"x12". ALL PRINTS ARE UNFRAMED. Due to the standard sizing of these prints, framing yourself is easy, more affordable, and reduces shipping cost.


Each print is signed, numbered, and dated.


Printed on high quality archival paper with archival ink that will not fade.


Below is the statment about this piece:


"At Colby, every graduating class sits for a “last lecture” from a class voted professor. At mine, among other points of life advice, the lecturer encouraged each of us to “follow your song-line”, essentially meaning: follow your own unique path in life while being true to the rhymes and rhythms that come your way, and you’ll find the people you’re supposed to meet, and do the things your supposed to do. Sometimes, when I look up at the sky at dusk, intersecting, colorful jet streams remind me of those “chance” encounters and special moments that were always destined to be part of one’s story."

Limited Edition "Songlines" Print (small 9x12 and large 18x24) UNFRAMED


    For International Shipping, please email me

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