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Evolve Series               

January / February 2023

Released on my 29th birthday, 2/14/23, this series is inspired by positive and negative emotions surrounding the passing of time, growing older, and what it means to truly evolve into one’s best self. New Year and birthdays, (which have always occurred close together for me), always kick up themes of reflection, growth, goals, affirmations, and transitions, which are explored aesthetically throughout the collection, including with the use of new materials such as glass and light.

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IMG_1403 2.jpg

"There’s a reason you just said “who’s the fairest of them all?”. That cliche line represents a very true phenomenon: we often look in the mirror for answers. Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? When are things going to get better? Why is this so hard? We often look in and see ourselves as we are, right now. But I wish it were easier to look in and see all the individual moments that make up the sum total of who you are, and the progress you’ve made that will inform your future. Let’s stop judging ourselves so hard for where we are. Let’s celebrate the abundance of how much we’ve already done, and how much we will do, soon."

Mirror, Mirror      SOLD

48x24in Acrylic and 3D mixed media on panel
February 2023

" As an ambitious woman who chases big dreams, I’ve experienced my fair share of rejection, disrespect, coldness, and belittlement. At times, I feel surrounded by it and it can be all consuming. But honestly, it’s all part of the game. People will underestimate you, and if you’re not getting rejected you’re not trying hard enough. The key, I’ve found, is to remember that nothing can dim my inner glow without my permission. And in fact, most of the time the shade actually makes it shine brighter. "

Inner Glow             SOLD

48x12in oil on panel

"If you’re anything like me, every new year you come up with a fresh new laundry list of goals, resolutions, things to change, and things to add to your life. And that’s fine. But it adds a lot of pressure. And what’s more, unless your habits, beliefs, and emotions are aligned in a way that makes those goals achievable, the pressure will mount into a burden. So, maybe instead of making resolutions right away, we should focus on alignment at the turn of the new year."

Alignment          SOLD

84x12in oil an vinyl on panel (Four 12x12in panels and three 10x10in panels spaced 1in apart)
January 2023

Illuminate       SOLD

"Through Dumbledor, JK Rowling said it best: “happiness can be found in even the darkest of places, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” Most of my work is about using color as a bright spot to drown out darkness. This time, for the first time, I used literal light both to enhance the experience of the color, as well as to function as a halo when the darkness of night takes the color out of vision. The halo is proof that, although I can’t see it right now, the color is still very much there, and will be visible when the sun comes up. So, not to worry. Growing older comes with its dark moments. We lose everything from youthful innocence to real people who shaped us as beings. But do we really lose them, or do we just need to remember to illuminate the bits and pieces of them that are very much there, and left within us?"

96x17.5in Oil and LED on panel
January 2023