About the Artist

Katie in Studio

Katie Southworth is an internationally collected abstract artist currently based in Boston, MA. Originally from Darien Connecticut, she graduated from Colby College in Waterville Maine with Bachelor degrees in Studio Art and Psychology. She was the recipient of the Charles Hovey Pepper Prize for her body of work featured in the 2016 Senior Capstone Exhibition. She went on to receive her Masters in Teaching at the Tufts School of the Museum of Fine Arts in May 2018. In August of 2021, after three years of teaching elementary art, she decided to pursue her fine art career full time.


Over 100 of her original works are in private collections across 45+ cities across the nation and abroad, including New York City, Miami, LA, Martha’s Vineyard, Canada, and more. Katie’s work has been featured in international and local publications including Vanity Fair London, British Vogue, and Colby Magazine. Her first solo show "Colorjoy" in November 2021 attracted over 300 people to Opening Night, where 10 pieces sold in total, and 10% was donated to suicide prevention organizations. Katie shows her work online, in exhibitions, and in art fairs across the country.

Katie works out of a large warehouse studio in Hyde Park, MA, where she hosts quarterly Open Houses. Private studio visits are available by appointment.


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Artist Statement

My work harnesses the power of color and light to promote mindfulness, joy, and mental well-being. I am inspired by emotions, memory, and the way my body responds to nature: especially water. Readings on modern day positive psychology, and other wellness activities in my daily life also play a large part in my inspiration for new pieces. Color is my language, and my practice is a constant study of color theory and relativity. My pieces are complete when my eyes can dance freely across the entire surface, from color to color. Once I achieve that, a color story, memory, or mood can emerge.

I title my pieces after I meditate on the colors, listen to the story, and decide if it relates more to a memory or to a vision for the future. This is why most of my work is titled after the person, place, feeling, or thing of which it most reminds me. My hope is that viewers feel welcome to do the same. Through this practice, I’ve found that my work exposes the truly personal nature of color as it relates to memory, hopes for our collective future, and culture.

I strive for harmonious fields of luxurious color and precise vertical line because I hope to create an uplifting, calming visual aid for meditation and intrinsic contemplation for viewers. To provide a moment of peace and pause for others, as it does for me. This higher purpose of my work is dedicated to my mother, Ellie. In honor of her, a percentage of all sales are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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My Studio

Boston, MA

Currently, my studio in Hyde Park is available to visitors by appointment only. To schedule a time to come visit, email katiesouthworth.art@gmail.com

I continue to show small bodies of work out of  my old studio in SoWa Boston. I hope you feel welcome to visit on First Fridays 5-9pm!

450 Harrison Ave. #412B