Emergence Series

April - May 2022

       This series puts an extra emphasis on the power of vertical line to lift our chins, spirits, hearts, and minds. This is a belief of mine that has been reinforced by a newfound love of practicing yoga. By more consistently focusing inward mentally, and stretching outward physically, I was inspired to literally add another dimension to my work. This is the first time I have worked with three dimensional elements. Altogether, the series is reminiscent of life’s out of body experiences that help new dimensions of possibility, peace, and personal growth emerge.

Unseen Light Collection

January - February 2022

This entire collection was made during a month long painting trip to South Florida with my partner, Joe Taveras. Driven by a desire to push my vision into new stylistic realms, I allowed myself to be rejuvenated by nature, warmth, and new visual input. I leaned in to creating outside the comfort zone of my studio, and wound up with a collection inspired by all the unseen light of the world. This collection was showcased in a one-night pop up show in the heart of Delray Beach's arts district, at which 5 pieces sold to private collections. 


"So much of the world can neither be sensed nor perceived. We are bound by the limits of our sensory capabilities - our eyes can only see the visible light spectrum and our ears can only hear select frequencies. Despite these limitations, all of those unseen phenomena remain present. With ‘Unseen Light’, we aimed to hint at the invisible with a variety of artworks that feature light illusions, fluorescent color, and iridescence. Our hope is that this body of work awakens your sense of wonder for what lies beyond our perception."

Defining Moments

December 2021

 All the inspiration for this entire body of work came from self reflection and journaling on my experience of 2021. It was a big, beautiful, colorful blur of massive change, tremendous growth, and self actualization. Most significantly, it was the year I left my full time job to pursue my art career full time. In a way, these paintings are like mirrors, reflecting these defining moments of my year and my life as they exist in me. In my memory. The blurry texture juxtaposed to the few crisp lines touches at the way even our best memories are a bit hazy, with specific details that remain crystal clear. I hope this work invites others to reflect on their own defining moments and stay inspired to create more as we head into 2022.



September 2021 - December 2021

This collection was made specifically for my first solo show in New Canaan CT at New Canaan Gallery and Frame, which was on diplay from November 5th - December 1st 2021. It combines influences from antichromaphobia and the shine series with a focus on the power of joyful color.


"To me, color is like an essential food group. A pillar of holistic health. My work is my argument for its revitalization. Consume it daily, and it will give you the correct energy you need for the day. In our world, color is proof of life, energy, and vibrancy. It’s truly the simplest thing we have with which to create joy. However, through the eye of the needle there is truly a universe. Welcome to my universe."