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The Sound Mind Series

July - August 2023

 Martha's Vineyard has always been my refuge to restore my own sound mind. This summer, Mariner Gallery in Edgartown invited me to be their resident artist. I had the joy of creating this body of work in the gallery between July 17th and August 17th. I was inspired by the healing power of the Vineyard's nature, Mariner Gallery's collection, the book Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, and recent massive changes in my personal life. Themes of solitude, healing, peace, and the ocean's involvement in all of above emerge in this cohesive and monochromatic collection.

The Reflections Series

April - May 2023

This series is inspired by self love, authenticity, being honest with yourself, bravery, heartbreak, and the way human nature is reflected within nature itself. Sometimes life moves so fast you lose your grip, people grow up or change, and circumstances put you between a rock and hard place. And you have two choices: adapt or suffer. The healing power of nature, loved ones, or actual mirrors to reflect back to us what our bodies already know in these times is what inspired these pieces to emerge.

The Evolve Series

January - February 2023

Released on my 29th birthday, 2/14/23, this series is inspired by positive and negative emotions surrounding the passing of time, growing older, and what it means to truly evolve into one’s best self. New Year and birthdays, (which have always occurred close together for me), always kick up themes of reflection, growth, goals, affirmations, and transitions, which are explored aesthetically throughout the collection, including with the use of new materials such as glass and light.