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The Evolve Series

January - February 2023

Released on my 29th birthday, 2/14/23, this series is inspired by positive and negative emotions surrounding the passing of time, growing older, and what it means to truly evolve into one’s best self. New Year and birthdays, (which have always occurred close together for me), always kick up themes of reflection, growth, goals, affirmations, and transitions, which are explored aesthetically throughout the collection, including with the use of new materials such as glass and light.

2022 Commissions

January - December 2022

All my commissions are collaborations between myself and my clients. I take great joy in offering my skills to represent their energies, feelings and stories through art.

Transcendence Series

August - October 2022

This body of work was completed between August and October of 2022, inspired by multiple recent experiences of elevation. In September, I moved my whole life to be closer to a brand new, massive warehouse studio, all for the purpose of elevating my career. There was a surge of emotion that came with this big investment. Then, I had a life changing trip to Albuquerque where I got to check off a bucket list item of attending the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, which, of course, spiked my inspiration as well. My creativity is at an all time high, which is why three new styles are represented in this new collection.