The Shine Series

July 2021 - present

"Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you" - Walt Whitman


This series is about honoring the simple things in life that contribute more greatly to our happiness than we may realize, often that we take for granted. Sunshine, a new bloom, the glow of the moon - they are sacred and deserve our attention and mindful focus when they present themselves in order to fuel our mental well being. That is why each piece in this series is highly minimalistic and adorned with a single strip of either silver or gold leaf. 


April 2021 - present

This body of work celebrates the power of color as a source of energy, and as a gateway to true bursts of joy in everyday life. These pieces are offerings created in service of combatting "chromaphobia" - a term coined by David Batchelor that refers to a tendancy for Western society to avoid bright, vivid color for fear of being seen as childish, unsophisticated, or grotesque. In response, my Antichromaphobia pieces fearlessly juxtapose invigorating color with my signature calming lines in order to give people the best of both worlds: happy, life-giving, stimulating color, with relaxing, sophisticated composition. This series is my response to the beginning of the end of the pandemic, the global mental health crisis it has induced, and the realization that we all need more sources of guaranteed joy on a daily basis.

This series is comprised of some large works, but mostly of small, 6"x6" pieces that work together to form "The Joy Wall". The Joy Wall is still growing to this day.


March 2021

This body of work is inspired by my deep love and gratitude for the ocean as well as my passion for promoting mindfulness and joy through color. This process and the resulting pieces celebrate the massive healing power of the ocean and the color blue. Spending time near the ocean is an incredible catalyst to achieve a state of flow, in which clear-minded decisions, creativity, and inner peace are all achievable. Each piece is an invitation to allow the flowy, oceanic pattern - "flocean" - to ease your mind, heal your soul, and, ultimately, achieve clarity.

2020 Commissions

April 2020 - December 2020

These images are depictions of all 14 commissions I completed in 2020. They now have permanent homes in 6 states (10 cities) across the United States. These pieces were inspired by mood boards, simple fabric swatches, ocean photography, other artist's work, and personal memory. These are the first commissions I have ever taken for abstract oil paintings.

2021 Valentine Series

January 2021

I was born on Valentine's Day. Every year, I'm inspired by sharing the day with a celebration of love itself. And every year, I am grateful to have a perfect excuse to give as much love back as I receive. This year is the first year I have had access to my own studio, so I wanted to build a series inspired by love. In other words, this series aims to give all that love back, in my own colorful, visual language. In 2021 I turn 27, so I created 27 original pieces, most small enough to suffice as perfect little Valentine's Day gifts. 

Autumn 2020 Series

October 2020

These pieces were all made during the month of October 2020. They are a celebration of the colors of Autumn and were inspired by memories from various New England outdoor excursions.