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HOMECOMING Series               

April 2024    
On View at Armstrong Gallery April 5 - May 5 305 Knowlton St. Bridgeport, CT

Her first solo show since moving back to her home state of Connecticut, “Homecoming” is Katie Southworth’s celebration of so much more than a move. Themes of independence, openness, transition, softness, and the sublime have made their way from Katie’s newfound lifestyle into this new series, in which she explores what it means to return to the self in a way that yields true holistic health and wellness. Inspired by the self-love of early rising, habitual living, natural dopamine, peaceful solitude, new connections, and vulnerability, “Homecoming” captures what it feels like to be both in power and at peace with unprecedented independence.

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Homecoming         SOLD    

48 x 36in oil and gold leaf on canvas
March 2024

"My favorite quote from Grey’s Anatomy is when Sandra Oh says to Ellen Pompeo “He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.” Remembering that your relationship with yourself is the longest one you’ll ever have is all the reason you need to prioritize certain things. Invest time in peaceful solitude, adventure on your own, learn things you’re interested in, create something that’s been running through your mind, and nourish your body and mind. Above all, build a lifestyle that both protects your peace and allows you to prosper. Fall in love with yourself, over and over again, as you go through life. That is what I’ve learned this year. And I am home. "

"Rising with the sun is tough for someone who’s never been an early bird. Not only did this new habit keep seasonal depression at bay for me this winter, it also made the rest of my new wellness routine possible, which inspired this entire series."

Alarm Clock       

18in Gold Leaf, 3D mixed media, and mirror on panel
March 2024

"A glorious sunrise is the visual epitome of peace, all the while emitting so much energy that it can be concurrently described as all-powerful. I don’t think that’s a coincidence, and I think we humans can learn from that. Maybe protecting your peace is the surest way to remain in your highest power."

Power of Peace

48 x 12in Oil, 3D mixed media, and mirror on panel
March 2024

"I think grace is a key ingredient involved in building new lifestyles. You won’t be able to consistently get up at sunrise right away, and you can’t punish yourself for that. Whatever your goal is, it takes gradual adjustments, patience, reflection, and celebrating yourself for every inch closer you get until you’re there."

Baby Steps

24 x 18in Oil, 3D mixed media, and gold leaf on panel
March 2024