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Low Lights Series               

December 2023


2023 was really hard for me. This past fall/winter, after all the life changes and various impediments to my creativity, seasonal depression and burn out hit me pretty hard. I struggled to create. I practically forced myself to paint this series out of desperation to keep my head and heart above water. It is smaller than typical because that's all I could take on, and I feel proud to have honored my limits. Little did I know, however, that the sizes would also help me drive home an important point about mental health:

To me, this series is about gratitude for the power of attention to small things. When you're going through it, it's easy to only notice that bad, and what's going wrong. But, if you actively pay attention to the gratitudes and joys that come along, however small they may be, it's possible to hardwire your brain to get back to a healthier place. In other words, they may be small, but added up, they create big change. Each piece honors a small thing that helped (helps) rewire my head. The Lights during my Lows.

"Petrichor means the pleasant smell of the earth after a rainstorm. No one likes rainy days, especially during cold months. But sometimes things that aren't pleasant are necessary to bring out goodness waiting to sprout. Olfactory sensation is tough to miss but easy to miss interpretation wise. Maybe petrichor is the earth telling us via smell, 'thank you for the rain, now watch me grow'. And what if we adopted the same mentality when unpleasant things happen to us?'"

Petrichor               SOLD

24x18in oil and acrylic on canvas

Glimmer                       SOLD

10x8in oil and acrylic on canvas

"Coined by Deb Dana LCSW, in the most basic definition, a 'glimmer' is the opposite of a trigger. Glimmers are things that when noticed bring small, fleeting moment of joy and peace. Things like a laugh of a child you don't know, the sparkle on the water, a cool breeze, a nostalgic smell, the warm colors of a sunset. These micro moments can gently shape our nerves systems to feel more calmness and safety. So, start noticing the glimmers."


"Komorebi is a Japanese term that loosely translates to the dappled sunlight through tree leaves. I think of this as the earthy version of sunlight sparkle on the water, which is easily my favorite glimmer. But whereas the water reflects all the sunlight in an intense, uniform way, there's something more unique and interactive about the sunlight that sneaks its way to us through leaves. It's fickle, playful, and nuanced by the wind, like a tickle or a dance."


24x18in oil and acrylic on canvas


24x18in oil and acrylic on canvas

"Atatakami is Japanese word roughly meaning the warmth and comfort of being surrounded by loved ones, or acceptance by others. In 2023 I made a choice to both live and work alone, but I chose a new home and studio surrounded by family and a new art community. Although I've never been more alone, l haven't felt lonely because of loved ones and new people who have taken time to understand me, listen, learn, get together, celebrate. You can feel your heart lift when these small moments of high quality openness and attention come from others. Whether you've known them a lifetime or a just moment. Make sure you thank the people who think to call, who show you kindness as a stranger, who offer words of affirmation, who show up. And then, pay it forward."