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Reflections Series               

April/May 2023

This series is inspired by self love, authenticity, being honest with yourself, bravery, heartbreak, and the way human nature is reflected within nature itself. Sometimes life moves so fast you lose your grip, people grow up or change, and circumstances put you between a rock and hard place. And you have two choices: adapt or suffer. The healing power of nature, loved ones, or actual mirrors to reflect back to us what our bodies already know in these times is what inspired these pieces to emerge.

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Ebb & Flow      SOLD

40x30in oil, 3D mixed media and mirror on panel
May 2023

"Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves a bit in the highs of life. And it’s during the lows when we have to take good, long, honest looks at ourselves, muster up some courage, pick ourselves up, and move forward. It’s why we retreat to water in times of uncertainty. It's nature’s greatest mirror."

"Never underestimate the benefits of looking for the silver linings in tricky situations. You don't have to take the lemons as they are. This painting started out looking very different. I tried a new technique that didn't work out at all, and I hated it. After a long break, I decided to see it as an opportunity and I took it in a completely different direction. I wound up loving it a whole lot more than the original plan. Just goes to show: often the silver lining is more powerful than the adversity."

Silver Lining       SOLD

18x24in Acrylic, 3D mixed media & mirror on panel
April 2023

"One of my biggest smiles of the year comes with the sighting of the first crocus. That perennial signal of spring, renewal, new life, new beginnings, and resilience. The awe of witnessing its ability to bloom forth from the frigid winter ground will never get old. That resilience is reflected in all of us. Nothing is more human than braving the cold winters of adversity and springing forward, regardless. "

First Crocus   SOLD

40x30in Oil, 3D mixed media and mirror on panel
April 2023

" Never forget, beautiful human, that you have a fierce, brazen, fiery spirit  somewhere within you. Like a roaring, summer-born tiger lily, face toward the sun, open, wild, and free."

Tiger Lily       SOLD

24x24in oil and tempered glass on panel
April 2023