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Sound Mind Series               

August 2023

 Martha's Vineyard has always been my refuge to restore my own sound mind. This summer, Mariner Gallery in Edgartown invited me to be their resident artist. I had the joy of creating this body of work in the gallery between July 17th and August 17th. I was inspired by the healing power of the Vineyard's nature, Mariner Gallery's collection, the book Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, and recent massive changes in my personal life. Themes of solitude, healing, peace, and the ocean's involvement in all of above emerge in this cohesive and monochromatic collection.

IMG_5034 2.jpg

Regatta              SOLD

48x36in oil, 3D mixed media, and mirror on panel
August 2023

"Hoisting a spinnaker and sailing full speed ahead is commendable and all. But life isn’t a race. Even if we are forced against the clock a lot of the time. I think it’s more about getting out there, participating, putting your best foot forward, and showing your true colors, with people. It’s not about who gets there first. It’s about enjoying the ride with your crew."

"Timing is everything, so they say. Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together. Sometimes the relationship works better if both function independently, always knowing where the other is, working in tandem but apart, like two ferry boats passing in the night."

On Time       SOLD

24x18in Oil, 3D mixed media, and silver leaf on panel
August 2023

"Never underestimate the power of getting away with a core group of friends. It doesn’t really matter where, but something about being out on the water soothes the soul in a way that nothing else can."


36x36in Oil, 3D mixed media, and mirror on panel
August 2023

"You are the captain of your own life. Not your boss, not your partner, not your mother. You. Make sure you are able to make decisions that serve your own joy and purpose."

Skipper      SOLD 

12x12in Oil, 3D mixed media, and mirror on panel
August 2023