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Tape Collages               


In June 2022 several artist friends of mine made me aware of how special, unique, and worthy of re-purposing my tape is. Ever since, I’ve been preserving the tape I peel off of pieces and using them to wrap around found frames to create brand new surfaces. As 100% recycled objects, I am stunned at the diary-like fragility and objectivity they have, as they provide mementos of past works and, altogether, serve as time stamps of my creative process. Each complete collage is simply numbered chronologically rather than titled.

Please click or swipe on the thumbnail to see more images of each piece!


Tape Collage #13

April - July 2023. Includes tape from Darien High School collaboration piece. 

Tape Collage #12

Made with recycled tape from Feburuary  - March 2023.

Tape Collage #11          SOLD

Made with recycled tape from creating "Ode to Mr. Rogers", a custom painting made in January 2023.

Tape Collage #10    SOLD

Made with recycled tape from creating "Mass Climate Change", a custom piece made in January 2023