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Vineyard Musings              August 2022

“I have been coming to Martha's Vineyard every year since before I was born. It’s where my parents met, and it feels more like home to me than anywhere else. These paintings are all inspired by unique Vineyard things that have brought me joy and inspiration throughout the years. This is the first time I have made a series inspired by the island in my career as a full-time, contemporary artist. For me, it celebrates the way the Vineyard inspires and heals all who are lucky enough to spend time there.”

*click on images to view videos and statements for each piece

Between Cabanas          SOLD

24 x18 x 2.75 in

Beach Treasures            SOLD

24 x 18 in

Aquinnah Cliffs           SOLD

30 x 40 in

El Sol                         SOLD

24 x 24 in

Keep Off the Dunes

24 x 30 x 2.25 in