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Debut Solo Exhibition: Colorjoy 2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

On Friday, November 5, contemporary artist, Katie Southworth, celebrated the opening night of her first solo exhibition.

The month-long solo show, displayed at New Canaan Gallery and Frame in New Canaan, Connecticut, featured Southworth’s new body of work, “Colorjoy”.


“combines influences from Antichromaphobia and the Shine Series with a focus on the power of joyful color,”

says Southworth. The artwork visibly fuses yet contrasts Southworth’s previous bodies of work; maintaining the linear structure that generates calmness and serenity for the viewer, while embracing bolder and brighter colors that encourage joyfulness. On opening night, which attracted over 300 people, six of Southworth’s Colorjoy works were sold, and an additional four were sold over the course of the month-long exhibition. All of the paintings in the collection and the pieces that remain available from the solo exhibition can be seen on Southworth’s website.

Much of Southworth’s art is influenced and informed by a mission to encourage wellness and advocate for mental health. In support of that mission, 10% of all sales from the exhibition were put toward mental health organizations including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

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