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Evolve Series Drop and Unveiling at Open Studio

On Tuesday February 14 2023, Boston-based artist Katie Southworth released her Evolve Series to the public. Within the 16 piece series, Southworth explored new artistic avenues through the use of diverse materials and techniques while maintaining characteristics of her previous collections. Pieces like “Luna,” and “Wabi-sabi” display

Southworth’s traditional linear style while also emphasizing her ability to add new life to her lines by incorporating LED lights and glass, respectively. Upon the release of the series, “River,” “Upcycled,” “Embrace,” and “Illuminate” sold immediately, and five additional pieces found permanent homes during Southworth and Joe Taveras’ Open Studio Weekend on March 4th and 5th, which garnered over 75 guests. All of the paintings in the Evolve Series and the remaining available pieces can be seen on Southworth’s website.

"I'm so grateful that "Evolve" has been so well received. It was really special to show it in person to our community and collectors. Usually the work I create in January informs my creativity for the rest of the year, and I definitely plan to continue expanding these concepts moving forward, which is exciting."

said Southworth.

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