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Southworth excels at NYC Superfine Art Fair

From September 15 to September 18, Boston-based artist Katie Southworth displayed five original pieces at the Superfine Art Fair. The exhibition, held in New York City’s

Lower East Side, showcased the work of over 100 artists and garnered over 2,000 guests. For Southworth, Superfine was the first instance in which she was able to show her constantly-evolving technique to a New York audience. Southworth attracted the support of over 30 V.I.P. guests, all of whom were given the opportunity to see her artwork in a new and exciting atmosphere. “It was amazing to experience my work being so well received by what I consider my home city. I have new collectors, clients, friends, and followers after the whole weekend, and I’m feeling confident in bringing my vision to NYC again in the near future.”

Each of the five works that Southworth showed at Superfine were created in August of 2022. The paintings were diverse in color and were, in many ways, a culmination of Southworth’s previous techniques; some akin to pieces in her ‘Emergence’ series and others drawing inspiration from her August release, ‘Vineyard Musings’. “I’m having a lot of fun challenging myself to push my 3D work, as well as paintings in uncommon aspect ratios. I’m following my gut with what feels most authentic even though it’s unfamiliar and new. I love the results but it also still feels like the beginning of a practice that’s leading me somewhere big, and I’m excited to find out where it’s taking me.” The paintings on display, two of which found homes with new collectors during the fair, included, “Pulse,” “Moonrise,” “Last Light,” “Bloom,” and “Full Harbor”. The pieces from the exhibition that remain available can be seen on Southworth’s website.

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