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Inaugural Darien Alumni Art Show 2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Four of artist Katie Southworth’s paintings were featured at the inaugural Darien Alumni Art Show (DAAS) from June 11 through June 13. The works exhibited were “Clarity” and “Bask,” of her Flocean Series, “Sea Skies,” of her Antichromaphobia Series, and “World Peace".

Of these paintings, “Sea Skies,” sold at the show; “Bask” has since sold, and “Clarity” remains for sale on her website.

Thee Mather Homestead in Darien, Connecticut, exhibited the artwork of seventeen alumni of the Darien Public School system and amassed $14,000 in proceeds, all of which went to the artists themselves. The DAAS was created out of necessity during the pandemic, because many artists were stripped of their ability to promote their artwork in galleries or to participate in residencies that would have allowed them to develop their processes and portfolios. The second annual DAAS will be held in June of 2022, allowing more artists to exhibit their work and inspire the current students of the Darien Public School system to continue their artistic endeavors in the future.

Southworth, whose 72x120” painting, “Clarity” hung over the entire gallery space at the show, said that she,

“could not be more thrilled or excited to be a part of this event! DHS art was so influential and important for me. It means so much to return to one of my places of growth as a successful artist.”

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