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Katie Southworth Facilitates Creativity & Wellness Workshop at Alma Mater

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

On Friday, April 29, artist Katie Southworth visited her Alma Mater, Colby College, to facilitate “Colors and Connection”, a workshop created by Project UnLonely. Project UnLonely was founded by Harvard physician and School of Public Health lecturer Jeremy Nobel in conjunction with The Foundation for Art and Healing. While Project UnLonely encourages creativity as a means to increase health and wellness, “Colors & Connection” specifically focuses on the use of color to promote mental wellness and connection among college students.

At the workshop, Southworth shared her passion for color with a group of Colby College students and discussed how she has experienced creativity as a tool for human connection throughout her fine art career. “I’m so grateful to be combining my educator, artist, & activist identities to be an ambassador for cutting-edge, research-based organizations,” said Southworth. For the event, Southworth collaborated and co-facilitated with Colby’s chapter of Active Minds and Healthy Colby, a mental health advocacy club and college wellness group, respectively.

If you are interested in bringing Colors and Connection to a college campus, find more information and sign up to be a workshop facilitator on The Foundation for Art and Healing website.

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