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NEW SERIES RELEASE: Defining Moments

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Artist Katie Southworth released a new body of work on Friday, January 14. The

collection, entitled “Defining Moments,” features paintings that contrast Southworth’s characteristic clean-cut lines by merging them with a blurry texture. The juxtaposition in the paintings, “touch at the way even our best memories are a bit hazy, with specific details that remain crystal clear,” says Southworth. In addition to the classic line work, Southworth incorporated geometrics into some pieces in the collection, which is reminiscent of paintings in her Antichromaphobia Series.

The paintings were on view and for sale at Ethos Boston at 141a on Newbury Street through February 25, 2022. The paintings in the collection and the pieces that remain available from the pop up event can be seen on Southworth’s website.

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