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On March 26th, artist Katie Southworth released her Flocean Series. The collection showcases various tones of style that Southworth discovered during her time spent in

Florida. Contrasting her Original and Tartan styles, aspects of Southworth’s new Flocean style embrace a break from clear cut lines. As Southworth says, these blended, ocean-like components allow for, “brief moments of freedom away from tape” in which, “intuitive, loose, textual stripes that mimic fractals” can emerge.

Aligning with the overarching mission of the artist’s work,

“the pieces celebrate the massive healing power of the ocean and the color blue,”

says Southworth. The paintings in the collection give the viewer the opportunity to experience the serenity, mindfulness, and joy that the ocean can evoke without having to physically be in its presence. The paintings in the collection and the pieces that remain available can be seen on Southworth’s website.

*Feb. 2021 update: As of this month, all but one piece in the Flocean collection have been sold to private collectors.

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