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Solo Pop Up Show: Vineyard Musings

Contemporary artist Katie Southworth released her new collection, “Vineyard Musings,'' on Monday, August 15 at a show held at a private residence in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts.

The collection, inspired by Martha’s Vineyard and the various parts of the island that have brought Southworth joy over the years, includes eleven pieces and aims to

“celebrate the healing and inspirational qualities of the island”.

“This series was one of my most experimental stylistically,” says Southworth. “I felt a compulsion to be more fluid, creatively, with each piece in order to capture the essence of the vineyard musings I was inspired by. I used bits and pieces of Emergence, Flocean, and traditional styles, as well as completely new techniques and textures. What resulted was a series with 11 completely unique pieces. I couldn’t be happier with it.”

On opening night, which attracted over 125 guests, seven paintings from the eleven piece collection were sold. The entire collection became available online on Monday, August 22 and the pieces that remain available, including, “Keep Off the Dunes,” “Wampum,” “Beach Hops,” and “AG Fair Flare” can be viewed and inquired about directly. “It was such a joy to create this series inspired by the Vineyard. And to share it for the first time, on island, with others who share my love for this place, was a true dream,” says Southworth.

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