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Southworth pursues Art Career Full-Time

In August, contemporary artist Katie Southworth announced that she will be pursuing her art career full time. Previously, Southworth worked full-time as an elementary art teacher at the James Otis School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Prior to her announcement, Southworth had much success in her personal artistic endeavors. Throughout Spring and Summer of 2021 Southworth released her “Flocean” collection, had her work showcased in the inaugural Darien Alumni Art Show, was written about in Colby Magazine, and had her art featured in a variety of magazine publications including British Vogue and Vanity Fair UK. The first major pursuit of Southworth’s full-time art career will be her first solo exhibition showcasing her “Colorjoy” collection in New Canaan, Connecticut. To follow along with Southworth’s future as a full-time artist or to commission a piece of your own, refer to her website.

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